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           Im originally from one of the most beautiful corners of the British Isles, i remember spending summer holidays with my siblings along the coast of Northumberland from Lindesfarne to Botany Bay, Bamburgh castle, Dunstanburgh castle to fishing for Salmon on the river Coquet in my home village of Rothbury. I've been lucky to explore the top of the Cheviots and walk the Roman Wall, home is where my heart lies, but the world is our oyster and hopefully the pictures shown on my website will convey the enthusiasm to pick up your camera, and get out into the wilds where you live and capture some pictures of this beautiful place we call Earth.

          My pictures will come from a variety of locations around the world, from the fair isles of the west coast of Scotland, London, Southern Africa to the USA to Australia. I have learnt over the years that some of my best photography has come from being back in the UK and over the last 2 years I've been lucky to have to pushed my boundries and try new avenues with some achievement.

  • 2015 - Urban View " Landscape Photographer of the Year" - Commended

  • 2016 - Urban View " Landscape Photographer of the Year" - Runner Up